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About @ Wayr
Wayr is a simple location sharing application for Nokia devices that lets you easily share your location with friends and family. It looks up your current location using a combination of GPS and Cell ID and lets you set up automated SMS/text messages that can continuously deliver updates about your location to any number of your phone contacts. It is useful for women travelling at odd hours, parents wanting to keep a tab on a child's whereabouts or for lone travellers who need to keep their family informed about their location without having to message them up every hour.

Wayr is also useful for small businesses that need to keep track of their consignments or mobile staff. Getting updates right on his mobile, the business owner will never have to worry about the location of his goods or staff. At $1 per device, Wayr is an exponentially cheaper alternative compared to expensive GPS devices and monitoring equipment that would otherwise be required.

Support @ Wayr
Please keep in mind that Wayr is a GPS dependant application, and it therefore might not work smoothly (or at all) in some places (indoors, basements etc.) It would still work using your Cell ID, so the probability of that happening is minimal. If you still have any issues with Wayr, please contact us at and we would do all that it would take to address your concern.