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About Ciafo
Ciafo is a software products startup focused on building consumer products for the web (including the mobile web). Ciafo is headquartered in Bangalore, India.
Philosophy @ Ciafo
At Ciafo, we are all about building hugely simple, yet elegant, products that simplify our users' lives. We believe that the best way to do that is by building the kind of intelligence into our products that can automate a variety of mundane tasks, while letting the user have all the freedom to make the choices he or she prefers.
Team @ Ciafo
Ciafo consists of a group of somewhat brilliant and somewhat maverickish individuals who bring their personal skills together to build the simplest possible solutions for the most complex of problems. Some of the people in this group are IIT and IIM grads, and some have gone to colleges that nobody has ever heard of. But what is common across all these people is the passion and dedication to build technology wares that simplify our lives, letting us focus on better things.
Products @ Ciafo
Ciafo's flagship product Frrole is the world's first online social-local news source. Using Twitter as the underlying data platform and using technology in Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Spam Reduction areas, Frrole creates a brand new way for the consumer to serendipitously discover more about their city, their country and the whole wide world.
Ciafo's second product is a location sharing mobile app called Wayr that is now available for Nokia devices.It is a simple utilitarian app that makes it makes it possible to share and track location in a device-agnostic manner. The lite (and free) version of Wayr is available as well, if you would first like to do a trial run.
Ciafo's third product Travelomy is a travel platform that seeks to re-define the way we plan, undertake and remember our trips. Travelomy is built around the belief that the right social, location and rich media components need to come together to build the kind of travel experience that a traveler truly deserves.